Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Weights training is good.

1.     It teaches you to be humble.

If you can’t bench as much as the guy at the station, you simply can’t.  Weights training teaches you to accept your limitations and work to stretch further

2.     It pushes you out of your comfort zone.

You’re taught to perform exercises otherwise never done before.  To experiment with ideas you have never known before. 

3.     Weights training encourages progress.

You aim to be able to lift more as time pass.  This is a positive and motivating mindset to have.  You strive to improve and be better with each passing day.

4.     It reinforces the concept of hard work being the backbone of success.

You need to put in effort.  And constantly push yourself to gain strength.  Work hard and reap rewards.

5.     Weight training instills discipline.

There will be times when you feel like puking and have no wish to finish the sets or the reps.  Discipline will ensure you do.

There will be times when you don’t feel like going to the gym, because you’re sore.  Discipline will ensure you do.

6.     It makes you realize you can’t get something without sacrificing another.

Everything comes at a price.  If you want good grades, you need to study, and that means lesser time for leisure, be it spent taking out zombies or watching the latest movies.  Similar, to gain strength, you need to spend the time in the gym and put in efforts.

7.     You only answer to yourself.

You can spend 1 hour in the gym.  But what you actually do in that 1 hour, only you know. 

8.     Going to a gym teaches you to be polite and to share.

There’s only 1 squat rack in the gym I go to.  There’s only one pair of whatever weightage of DBs in my gym as well. 

Be polite, smile, share and the world might just seem friendlier.


  1. Good list of benefits!
    Not to mention the health benefits haha

  2. Sadly enough, lots of weightlifters I know are cocky as hell...

  3. I go 5 times a week. Benching about 120kg (260lbs) just now. And I'm one of the nice friendly ones. :)