Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More shots at LeBron James...

  • Today is National LeBron James Day. Everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early!
  • Maybe LeBron should try hockey. The NHL only has three periods.
  • The haters woke up today with their same lives, just as LeBron woke up today with the same no. of championships they have.

  • How do you know you’ve found Lebron James’ cell phone?   It vibrates and receives calls, but doesn’t have a ring!
  • Why did Lebron head down South?  Because his mother went West!
  • Why can’t Lebron James write his Auto-Biography?  He can’t come up with a title!

  • If you ask LeBron for change for a dollar, he’ll only give you 75 cents.  He never has the fourth quarter.
  • Why didn’t LeBron go to college?  He was afraid of the Finals.

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